Examining the AAP Classification Updates: Name It, Claim It, Treat It


The updated AAP classification system created in 2017 represents a multi-dimensional staging and grading framework for periodontitis and implant disease status. This course will examine the concepts of staging and grading to classify each patient by complexity of case management, likelihood of less predictable response to therapy, and potential for periodontitis development. Diagnosing, treatment planning, and executing appropriate and necessary periodontal therapies will be examined to align with the new classification system. A hallmark feature of the updated system brings opportunities for more case specific patient care. The need for calibration and clinician alignment with the new classification system will be discussed along with narrative examples for documentation recommendations.


Course Objectives:

  1. Examine the historical timeline and evolution of the AAP Classification System.
  2. Discuss the new staging/grading system for periodontal disease and how it will benefit patient care and management.
  3. Evaluate treatment modalities that are evidence-based for specific types of periodontal diseases according to the new classification system.
  4. Identify patients who may benefit from adjunctive strategies of disease management and overall health surveillance based on the updated classifications.


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