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What's Our Impact? Developing a Clinical Quality Assessment
What's Our Impact?  Developing a Clinical Quality Assessment

Speaker: Pierre Cartier, DMD, MPH

Program Track: Public Health

Course Description: Community-focused dental clinics, such as non-profit health centers, school-based oral health programs, and educational institutions, rely on data to support grant applications, quality assurance activities, and long-term planning. However, the collection of such data can be challenging, particularly given that most dental practice management systems are established to facilitate procedure billing. Careful planning can aid clinic managers and providers in identifying key program evaluation goals and data that might support their ascertainment. Dental hygienists can play an active role in leading clinical quality assessment programs in their respective workplaces. This course will discuss the key principles of clinical program assessment, including the theory underlying process and epidemiologic-based metrics. Identification of existing data resources will be emphasized as a strategy for rapidly initiating evaluation programs, particularly for clinics that may not have access to data collection software. The development of "dummy codes" for use in common clinical software programs will be presented as a strategy for collecting data related to oral healthcare urgency, caries risk, recall compliance, and other indicators. Attendees will be provided with an overview of the quality assessment program implementation process, including planning, initial data collection, data management and analysis, and reporting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss differences between process and epidemiologic-based metrics, as well as their application.
  • Identify steps necessary for planing and initiating a clinical quality assessment program.
  • Describe key process and population health metrics that a clinical quality assessment program might apply.
  • Identify mechanisms through which data may be analyzed and disseminated for use.

CE Credit Hours: 2.0

Original Date of Session: 22 June 2019

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