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Teledentistry - Application, Implementation, and Legality
Teledentistry - Application, Implementation, and Legality

Speaker: Amber Lovatos, RDH, BSDH

Program Track: Clinical Practice/Public Health

Course Description: Teledentistry is the use of telecommunication to transmit patient information collected by an allied healthcare provider, to a dentist, in order to provide diagnostic and clinical care to patients. There are a variety of forms of teledentistry that can be used to provide patient care; this includes providing specialty care consultation and referrals, identification of oral lesions, dental caries diagnosis, and overall oral health assessments. This C.E. presentation will review the application an implementation of teledentistry, including accuracy, legality, billing, cost, insurance reimbursement, funding, legislation, codes, HIPAA, technology, licensure, benefits, barriers, and other consideration. This C.E. will aid dental hygienists interested in incorporating telecommunication in their dental practice and/or dental hygienists interested in providing care in remote areas to underserved populations. We will also explore specific state dental practice acts to identify possible barriers to telecommunication in dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore specialty care (pathology, orthodontics, periodontics, etc...) applications of telecommunication in dentistry.
  • Dissect their specific state dental practice act for possible limiting verbiage to telecommunication in dentistry.
  • View the applications of teledentistry by other dental hygienists.
  • Identify barriers to teledentistry and how-to address them.
  • Apply their knowledge in their dental practice.

CE Credit Hours: 1.0

Original Date of Session: 22 June 2019

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