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Osteoporosis: Neck Bone Connected to the Head Bone
Osteoporosis: Neck Bone Connected to the Head Bone

Speaker: Terri Patrick, RDH, MS, CHES, CDHC

Program Track: Clinical Practice

Course Description: The prevalence of low bone mineral density is increasing as our nation’s population both increases and ages. This lecture will look at evidence in the literature of the correlation between bone density in the cranium and axial skeleton. We’ll review determinants of reduced bone mass and the current classifications of periodontal disease. Signs of destructive periodontal disease in the absence of inflammation will be considered. We’ll discuss ways to support the client who has high risk factors or indications of low bone mineral density.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review prevalence & risk factors of low bone mineral density.
  • Interpret evidence & common sense of skeletal & cranial bone loss.
  • Consider traditional & alternative treatments for osteopenia & osteoporosis.
  • Identify noninfectious, non-inflammatory periodontal disease markers
  • Discuss clinical application of new knowledge for at-risk patients.

CE Credit Hours: 1.0

Original Date of Session: 22 June 2019

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