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Your Journey and Leadership within ADHA Panel Discussion
Your Journey and Leadership within ADHA Panel Discussion

Speakers: Moderator: Sharlee Burch, RDH, MPH, EdD; Panelists: Beth Tronolone, BS, MOL; Cathy Draper, RDH, BSDH; Jennifer Frame, RDH, BSDH; Amber Lovatos, RDH, BSDH

Course Description: This panel consists of dental hygienists who are also leaders within ADHA. Whether their leadership path has been at the local, state or even national level you will hear how to get involved in ADHA and what the panelists have learned through their involvement with ADHA. Have you been thinking about a leadership position at the local, state or national level? You will leave this session with the information you need to begin or continue your ADHA leadership journey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what skill sets are needed to be an ADHA leader. 
  • The mind set needed to begin or continue your leadership journey with ADHA.
  • How can you translate leadership skills developed through ADHA into your professional and personal life.

Original Date of Session: 16 January 2021

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