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What Teledentistry Was, What it is, What it Will Be
What Teledentistry Was, What it is, What it Will Be

Speakers: Eden Ivie, BSDH, RDH, PHDHP, Staci Stout, RDH, MiQuel McRae, RDH, Leah Smothers, RDH, and Scott Howell

Program Track: Professional Development

Course Description: Teledentistry is already making a significant impact in a range of dental care settings. The introduction in 2018 of CDT codes for teledentistry services and the increasing number of state practice acts enabling direct access are rapidly changing the landscape for dental hygiene. The time is right for a conversation that educates dental hygienists to learn more about this important new tool and inspires them to explore new opportunities. The concept for this panel is to bring together several dental hygienists and possibly a collaborating dentist to discuss from experience how teledentistry enables hygienists to reach new patient groups, reinvigorate their career and foster innovation in both public health and private practice settings. We have identified panel members with in-depth experience with state practice acts, alternative practice models and the implementation and application of teledentistry. They will each explain how legislation and practice acts in their state encouraged them to explore innovative ways to provide dental hygiene services. A lively discussion of teledentistry’s role in expanded access care delivery models and an engaging question and answer segment will allow attendees to review their current practice and explore ideas with dental professionals already using innovative teledentistry-enabled approaches. Additionally, we would encourage the panelists to describe not only the details of their current practice model, but some background on how their careers have grown and evolved with the changes in practice acts and introduction of technology. Several of the panelists have been involved directly with legislative changes, several have experience in starting and running their own business, all have experience with leading edge technology and program implementation. With an engaging moderator and a lively Q&A session, this panel session will educate and inspire hygienists, regardless of their state and experience. Sponsored by: MouthWatch

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how teledentistry has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Explore new ways that teledentistry will be utilized to keep patients and providers safe

CE Credit Hours: 1.5

Original Date of Session: 28 June 2020

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