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Leadership in Dental Hygiene Education Panel Discussion
Leadership in Dental Hygiene Education Panel Discussion

Speakers: Moderator: JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, MS, PhD, AFAAOM; Panelists: Rebecca Wilder, BSDH, MS; Marion Manski, RDH, MS; Jessica Suedbeck, RDH, MSDH; Brian Partido, MSDH, BSDH; Jessica August, RDH, MS

Course Description: Leaders in dental hygiene education, who represent a variety of roles, were selected for this panel to share their unique perspectives. Educators and those interested in education will be able to hear how these leaders continue to deal with the impact of COVID 19 at their institutions. Also detailed will be how educators can ensure that students are being taught to be resilient when change is occurring and how educators can empower dental hygiene students to become leaders as they begin their professional careers. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the lessons learned from COVID 19 including what could have been done differently to change the course of the response of dental hygiene students and practitioners to this pandemic.
  • Discuss curriculum changes that are needed so students are empowered to embrace the role of independent licensed health care providers and critical thinkers.
  • List additional resources (outside of textbooks) faculty can share with students to help prepare them to be future leaders in their professional lives. 
  • Discuss strategies dental hygiene educators can utilize to develop their own leadership skills for professional growth and resiliency. 

Original Date of Session: 15 January 2021

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