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Conflict: Stop the Blame Game and Bust through to Solutions!
Conflict: Stop the Blame Game and Bust through to Solutions!

Speaker: Kelli Swanson Jaecks MA, RDH, FADHA

Program Track: Professional Development

Course Description: Conflict is part of life. Whether it be in the clinic with co-workers and clients, around a zoom board meeting, or in our personal spaces, conflict is unavoidable. We all respond to conflict differently; some of us avoid it, some run right into it, and some see the problem but don’t know how to resolve it. Big emotions often accompany conflict- fear, confusion, anger, shame. No one wants to be stuck there. How do we turn conflict into an opportunity for growth and find new ways forward? What if we learned how to set situations and people up for success using constructive communication tools and resolution strategies? We can do that. We can learn to deal with conflict situations that are uncomfortable. We can be the person who helps navigate towards agreement and workable solutions. There are clear strategies and communication practices that can help us handle the conflicts in our lives. Come and learn how.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore why conflict happens and your personal conflict style.
  • Discover effective communication practices with difficult people.
  • Identify conflict resolution strategies that work.
  • Stop the blame game and bust through to solutions!

CE Credit Hours: 1.5

Original Date of Session: October 4, 2023

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