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Treating the Common Code!
Treating the Common Code!

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Speakers: Kathy S. Forbes, RDH, BS

Program Track: Clinical

Course Description: Accurate, evidence-based diagnosis is the best method to determine appropriate treatment. Once this diagnosis is determined, the clinician will develop a treatment plan. This includes selecting the correct CDT procedure codes for the treatment. Too often, the procedure code selected may be inaccurate because dental software programs ONLY include the code number and title, NOT the descriptor. Many clinicians are unaware of the ADA’s Current Dental Terminology (CDT) descriptors for each procedure code, which must be used by the business staff to correctly bill patients and their insurance carriers. As technology and treatment modalities evolve, new CDT procedure codes are developed, and current CDT procedure codes are amended. This course will provide the latest nomenclature and descriptors for procedures, which can be performed by dental hygienists.. *Note: This course offers a closed-captioned option as well as auto-translated subtitles in 10 languages.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how dental hygienists and dentists need to create simple and effective "Twitter-Style" dental-medical necessity narratives.
  • Protect against fraud being committed, even by accident or "we always did it that way".
  • Describe various verbal strategies for communicating with patients who insist on telling you what procedure to bill. (They are getting smarter all the time!)

CE Credit Hours: 1.5

Original Date of Session: June 24, 2022

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