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Your CE Smart User Guide: Tutorials and FAQs

This user guide will help you effectively navigate ADHA’s CE Smart Learning Center. The tutorial videos are highly recommended as they give important information on how to effectively catalog and acquire all of your continuing education credits in the CE Smart system.

If you need additional assistance, please email the ADHA Education Department at


Note: This video does not have sound. If you cannot see the menu button(s) on your phone screen, you may need to turn the phone to landscape mode.

You can use your cellphone to complete courses under the "Current" tab or view and print your certificates under the "Completed" tab.


Frequently Asked Questions

At times, there is a delay in the syncing process between purchasing and accessing the course. It may help to wait 5-10 minutes, then log back into your CE Smart Center. It should appear on its own without issue. If the problem persists, email the course title and your ADHA user ID to

It is recommended to first logout of the ADHA website and clear your internet browser history. Then, sign back into to the ADHA website and go to your CE Smart Learning Center. If you are not sure how, watch the “Logging in to the CE Smart Learning Center” tutorial video for more information.

Once the Group Payment Form has been processed by ADHA, the course will automatically show up in your CE Smart Learning Center. You will need to sign into the ADHA website under the same ADHA account that was provided to the faculty member. Watch the “Logging in to the CE Smart Learning Center” tutorial video for more information.

The best course of action is to log-out, close your browser, clear all of your browsing history (including caches and cookies) and log back into CE Smart. Often, this will resolve the issue.

This is a common problem on Mac computers, especially those using Chrome, so using Safari may also resolve the issue. We are working with our provider to eliminate this problem in the next update. If the problem persists, please email and include screenshots if possible, as well as your ADHA username and a description of the problem.

You will first need to identify if it was an online course in CE Smart, a webinar hosted before or after May 2022, or a conference session.

If it is an online course from CE Smart or a webinar hosted after May 2022, follow the instructions to log into your CE Smart Learning Center. Under the “Completed” tab, you will find a list of all courses you have completed within the system. Each course has a “View Certificate” button that opens a new window with your certificate. If this window doesn’t open, it is likely that you will need to turn-off any pop-up blockers and try again. If you have trouble with any part of this process, the above tutorial videos may be able to help.

If you need a certificate from an older webinar or conference session, email all details regarding the course and date to

There may be two possible issues. First, make sure to click the “Exit Course” button in the top right corner of the lesson screen after passing the quiz. This should prompt the system to mark the course as completed. Once completed, it will appear under the “Completed” tab in your learning center.

If you hit the “Exit Course” button and it is still not working properly, then it means a portion of the course is not marked as completed. Make sure that each orange circle on the left-hand menu is filled in. Sometimes, if you missed a “continue” button or don't scroll all the way to the bottom, a section might not be marked as completed. Once all orange circles are filled in, retake the quiz and exit using the “Exit Course” button.

If you are still having an issue, email all details (and screenshots if possible) to