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Cannabis and Inflammation
Cannabis and Inflammation

Speaker: Kelli Swanson Jaecks, MA, RDH

Course Description: There has been rapid change in both public opinion and reported science concerning cannabis use and its effects. In fact, each year more states legislate to legalize cannabis. What are the pros and cons of this herb? One claim getting attention is the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. The meteoritic rise of CBD patches, gummies, tincture and oils makes cannabis easy and assessible to consumers. What are they using it for? Many claim cannabis relieves pain and swelling - inflammation itself. We know inflammation is the foundation of all disease, including periodontitis. Recognizing and reducing inflammation is a large part of what dental professionals are tasked to do. How do we best recognize inflammation in the oral cavity? What do we tell our patients about treatment modalities to reduce inflammation? Is cannabis a viable option? This presentation will focus on answering these questions and more. What is the difference between hemp, marijuana, THC and CBD? How does cannabis work in the body? What are terpenes and why do they matter? The health professional will increasingly treat individuals who freely use cannabis in all its forms. We are in a position to educate our patients on inflammation and cannabis while providing prevention strategies to decrease the risk of inflammatory diseases and oral infections. This fast-paced presentation will address these issues while providing knowledge to educate and empower our patients and ourselves.

CE Credit Hours: 1.0

Original Date of Session: 23 January 2020

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